The benefits of being on the GYFS Board:

It is a great way to develop skills that you may not have the opportunity to develop at your job. When you join a nonprofit board, it’s likely that you have a background or skillset that is needed. That, however, doesn’t always mean that you’ll be forced to engage in activities that you find yourself doing at your day job. You will have the opportunity to select activities that you want to dedicate your time to, allowing you to develop new skills and utilize other talents you have.

Build your professional network. Being on a nonprofit board allows you to interact with like minded individuals who probably aren’t in your current professional network. You will have the opportunity to meet new people. By expanding your network in this way, you’ll discover that you have more access to mentors as well as professional opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to run a successful organization. Serving on a GYFS board allows you to experience, the operations of an organization at a higher level. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about how to collectively make decisions on governance, financial/accounting, ethics and legal issues. This is not something that most of us have the responsibility of doing – or opportunity to do – at our places of employment. For young professionals, It’s an experience that will truly develop your leadership skills and provide you with exposure that you wouldn’t otherwise gain at this stage in your career.

Current Board Members

Carol E. Hyland – President I have always had an interested in food (cooking, gardening and food related issues). My husband and I have raised four wonderfully "aware" children and we want to continue supporting younger generations. We currently live on a small holding in the Hunt Valley (Saanich Peninsula). I joined the GYFS board because of my own growing concerns about food insecuity on Vancouver Island. Since children are "our future" I envision more and more children growing-up with a new found love for getting outside/dirty and knowing how to grow their own healthy organic food.

Helen R. Windsor – Vice President My husband and I moved to the Island to live on a farm where we can grow food for our growing family. We wanted our children to have the knowledge of how to grow their own food and why it is important to our community. This is why teaming up with GYFS just made sense to us!! Our farm has been used for the GYFS program for learning purposes and will continue to keep the gate open to teach people of all ages. Children growing food is the key to a healthier future!

Margo Massie – Treasurer

Mary Stansal – Secretary I am a GYFS board member because I love cooking with quality home grown ingredients, and the GYF school program teaches kids to do just that. I enjoy and revere my health, and I want a better, healthier future for our children. Learning about how food is grown is so empowering to kids.

Trevor Kryt - Member at Large

Mihret Kidane - Member at Large

Cathy Afford - Member at Large



***If you would like to know more about our board, or possibly becoming a board member please email