What the schools are saying!

While participating in the GYF School Program my students are having enriching experiences. Through interactive classroom-based lessons and then mainly hands-on food-growing activities outside in the garden they are realizing the value of growing and eating their very own locally grown healthy organic food. And they have fun while doing so!
— Jennifer Alberring - Teacher, Sidney Elementary
Growing Young Farmers has proved to be a rich learning environment for those students taking part. I have received positive feedback from teachers, students and parents. Parents with children who find it difficult to learn academically and struggle to come to school have mentioned that because of the program their children are actually excited about coming to school. It is very rewarding to witness the children eating and enjoying the salad they have made from food that they have grown.
— Tom Vickers, Principal
I wish to express the awesome impact the Growing Young Farmers program has had on my students and myself. Over the years my students have grown all sorts of plants, getting their hands dirty and connecting with nature. They are truly experiencing many beneficial learning outcomes and with so many of these outcomes having a direct association with many of the official PLOs! To see 27 students truly engaged and working in a plot of food-growing land has been rewarding indeed. Watching the delight on their faces as they nibbled tiny pieces of mint that they had grown was one of my greatest rewards of teaching! The program is providing the students with a sense of physical and emotional well-being for life, and they are having FUN!
— Cathy Afford - Teacher, Retired