The Growing Young Farmers School Program educates, encourages and empowers students to grow and eat health-friendly organic food, and does so as part of the official educational curriculum.



While making sure they have FUN, students experience and understand the true meaning of eating LOCAL health-friendly organic food.

  • The Program is available to all students from pre-school to high school.
  • The Program is taught by our Grower Educators, who Educate, Encourage and Empower the students to grow their own food.
  • The GYFS School Program is offered as one-hour class visits, with most schools having multiple classes a day.
  • The number of visits for each class is dependent on the size of the food-growing area that is available to the Grower Educator, the number of classes participating, and the school budget.
  • We offer two sessions, FALL (September-November) and SPRING (February-April), typically between 5-8 weeks each with staggered class starts.
  • Teaching by the Grower Educators takes place predominantly outdoors. Classroom sessions occur depending on the lesson plan - and of course the weather!
  • Organic Food-Growing Areas (gardens) are created on school property or within a short and safe walking distance from the school.
  • Grower Educators follow the guidelines as laid down in the GYFS School Program 'Manual'



For each weekly school visit, our Grower Educators come prepared to mentor and supervise the GYF classroom. They work with the GYFS Coordinator to ensure that all the learning outcomes are covered and that the gardens are successful. We invite teachers to determine their own level of involvement and encourage the use of GYF classes to complement and reinforce their teaching material.

  • Within the structured and supervised program, Grower Educators provide the mentorship required to teach students.
  • All Grower Educators are experienced in growing and producing healthy food. They also have experience in supervising and/or teaching school-age children.
  • All of our Grower Educators are required to undergo a criminal record check before working with children.


Think our program may be a great fit at your school?

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