To Educate, Encourage and Empower school students to grow and eat health-friendly organic food, and do so as part of the official educational curriculum.

While making sure they have FUN, students experience and understand the true meaning of growing and eating LOCAL health-friendly organic food.

  • The Program is available to all students from pre-school to high school.
  • The Program is taught by our Grower Educators, who Educate, Encourage and Empower the students to grow their own food.
  • The GYFS School Program is offered as one-hour class visits, with most schools having multiple classes a day.
  • The number of visits for each class is dependent on the size of the food-growing area that is available to the Grower Educator, the number of classes participating, and the school budget.
  • Teaching by the Grower Educators takes place predominantly outdoors. Classroom sessions occur depending on the lesson plan - and of course the weather!
  • Organic Food-Growing Areas (gardens) are created on school property or within a short and safe walking distance from the school.
  • Grower Educators follow the guidelines as laid down in the GYFS School Program 'Manual'
I am having the best time I ever had - we get to grow food and then we get to eat it and we have fun.
— Braden, Preschooler
While participating in the GYF School Program my students are having enriching experiences. Through interactive classroom-based lessons and then mainly hands-on food-growing activities outside in the garden they are realizing the value of growing and eating their very own locally grown healthy organic food. And they have fun while doing so!
— Jennifer Alberring - Teacher, Sidney Elementary
My son is in Kindergarten at Sir James Douglas School and came home last week excitedly saying “I LOVE red lettuce mommy!”. This from a boy who won’t ever eat anything leafy. Now he wants to buy some “without any chemicals” or grow our own. Thank you so much for this program and for getting our son to try red lettuce!
— Parent