Fall Gardening with Growing Young Farmers

This weekend we got together with a mighty and powerful group, to sheet mulch the childrens garden at Government House.

It was a wonderful experience working with such a committed team! Thanks to Bryce, from Government House, who organized the delivery of the wood chips for us from an oak tree that had to come down on the grounds.

Sheet mulching is one of the very important lessons in organic, sustainable gardening. When plants are finished their harvest, or if weeds have come up in your garden, cover them with cardboard and then cover the cardboard with bark mulch.  This is often free from wood chip companies .  The materials decompose over the winter months and become soil that can be used in the garden beds.  The pathways hold water and nutrition for the plants to use over the summer months.  I do it every year at my garden, often more than once just to tidy things up:)

As we head into our fall sessions, we are working with 10 schools in the Victoria, Saanich, Langford areas.  We have 5 educators teaching in these different schools.

We will teach the important lessons of sheet mulching, lasagna bed building, hugelkultur, seed saving and more!!  Please let me know if you have any questions admin@gyfs.ca