Help needed - This Sunday! September 17th, 2017

This Sunday we will be cleaning up the Children's garden at Government House.  Please join us with as much cardboard as you can find.  We will be cleaning up the pathways and in doing so, building water retention and soil for the future seasons.  We don't weed, we sheet mulch.  We use wood chips and cardboard to take away what we don't want.  This time we are covering an overgrowth of calendula and strawberry plants. Instead of pulling them up, we cover them up and they will decompose all on their own.

Bring a shovel or pitchfork, cardboard and yourself! 9:30am-12pm.  Follow the signs that say to the Tearoom and go under the covered archway.  We will be there to open the gate at 9:30am.

Thanks for your help before this fall growing and teaching season!