Growing Young Farmers Society

Who We Are

GYFS was originally founded in 2011 by Dave Friend (now retired from the organization), and gained charity status in 2013. Our current team is composed of an active board, passionate volunteers, and dedicated staff members.

What We Do

The Growing Young Farmers School Program is suitable for learners of all ages and abilities, from preschoolers to high school students. We combine theoretical teaching in the classroom, with hands on practical learning in gardens located on school grounds or nearby. Our program emphasizes the importance of local, organic, sustainable food sources and teaches children and youth how to grow healthy produce - and encourages them to share their knowledge with their families and community.

In addition to our in-school program, GYFS also runs summer camps.

Why We Do It

The lessons we teach address a variety of issues concerning all of us today. As parents, we talk about healthy eating to our children, but do they really understand what that even means? By introducing them to growing food, they are more aware of what they are consuming, where it is coming from, and how it is impacting the environment. By learning how to grow food, students can also play an active role in increasing our island's sustainability and decreasing our dependence on imported food sources.